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Scott's Cabinet Store has a different approach than most. We know what we do best and by focusing on one thing, we can save you money while allowing other experts to do what they do best.

First, we only sell and install cabinets- mostly kitchen cabinets and islands but also bathroom vanities and cabinets, bar cabinetry, laundry room cabinets, home office cabinets and the like.

We work very closely with a network of trusted partners for counter-tops, tile work,  flooring, electrical, plumbing, drywall and construction.  We prefer to work with these partners because we can trust their quality, reliability and business ethic, but if you have a preference, we will work with other contractors, too.  Scott will even personally act as a project coordinator with our partners so you don't have any headaches at all.

Another difference with Scott's Cabinet Store is that there is no brick-and-mortar store.  We use the showroom of our distributors to hold down overhead and headaches.  We are experts at kitchen cabinets, not running a large showroom full of salespeople.  This drastically cuts our overhead without sacrificing customer service, so we share the savings with you.

We offer complete kitchen design services, including 3D CAD images of what your finished kitchen will look like before we even start.

All of this results in top quality kitchens with exceptional customer service for 20-30% off most of the other prices you are going to be quoted (by companies offering similar quality).

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